Inaugural PI Meeting

This week we had our Inaugural IRL PI Meeting after several months of virtual meetings. The venue was the beautiful UCSB campus. Below is our agenda.

Morning Block
Overview Mito-nuclear communication & relevance to physiological performance – tutorial for modelers
Detail on markers, How tightly linked to physiological performance, Empirical Mechanisms of Epigenetics and Mito-nuclear communication
Consequences for gene expression and genome function
Physiological consequences
What makes epigenetics different from other types of phenotypic plasticity?

Afternoon Block
Overview of Modeling Approaches
DEB overview
Linking empirical to mode
Existing Coral Model Overview
Dynamical Models for Switching Metabolic States

Discussion of Core DEB and Eco parameters vs empirical measurements
Epigenetic Metrics
How to maintain “living” large datasets
Discuss the role/involvement of the advisory committee
Broader Impacts
Overview Eco - Evo Model whiteboarding session: host-symbiont transmission modes, exchange, stress response

We were even able to get outside a bit.